Uttapam Batter Mix

Uttapam is one of the most loved breakfast recipes of South Indian cuisine which is served with coconut chutney and sambhar. It is also known as Healthy and Indian Variant of Pizza. Unlike Dosa, Uttapam is thicker and spongier. Uttapams can be made with simple dosa batter or with a combination of dosa batter and vegetables or with the batter of millets, sorghum, rice, lentils, sprouts, semolina and so on. While the traditional method of preparing Uttapam involves fermented batter of soaked Rice and Urad, you can also prepare it quickly with ready-made flours to eliminate the fermentation process. Uttapam is a thick pancake with tomatoes, onion, chilies, capsicum, and cabbage as a topping which is cooked into the batter. Traditionally, Uttapam batter is prepared with Black Gram and Rice in the proportion of 1:3. The lentils and rice are subsequently ground separately and fermented. The outer layer of Uttapam is crisp whereas the inner layers are spongy.

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